18 Halloween Outfit Ideas for People Who Can’t Deal with Costumes

There are some people who get really, really into Halloween each year. You know, the people who figure out their costume in June and then spend four months meticulously sewing, super-gluing, and bedazzling themselves into some crazy elaborate costume that inevitably gets smashed by drunk people before midnight? Yeah, those people.

And then there are the people who, about five hours before Halloween, realize they should maybe, sort of, kind of figure out what to wear…but ugh, costumes suck…and who has time for that, anyway…plus, it’s too late to try anything…OK, I’ll just wear all black and call myself a shadow. Sound familiar? Yeah, we’ve been there. We are there.

But we’re here to tell you that you don’t need to break out your kindergarten crafting skills or spend a boatload of cash to look festive on Halloween (just look at that combat boot-wearing skeleton up there). And to prove it, we rounded up some pretty excellent non-costume costume ideas—a.k.a. regular clothes that can totally pass as costumes—for all of you who just can’t. Check them out, below.

  • A Very Scary Bloody Neck Person

    ASOS Halloween Glow in the Dark Dripping Blood Choker, $ 9; at ASOS

  • Self-Aware Cat Lady

    ModCloth Meow-Sourcing Tee, $ 35; at ModCloth

  • That Dancer Emoji

    Nasty Gal Collection Stuck in the Midi With You Dress, $ 128; at Nasty Gal

  • Super Chill Leopard

    Jakke Marsha Leopard Coat, $ 198; at Nasty Gal

  • Whimsical Lady Bat

     ASOS Bodycon Dress with Witchy Mesh Sleeve, $ 41; at ASOS

  • Skunk

    Forever 21 Striped Off-The-Shoulder Sweater, $ 25; at Forever 21

  • A Pumpkin Patch

    ASOS Halloween Pumpkin Sheer Ankle Socks, $ 7; at ASOS

  • Zenon: Girl of the 21 Century. Or Robot. Or Roll of Aluminum Foil

    Future Perfect Turtleneck Top, $ 58; at Nasty Gal

  • Romantic Skeleton

    ModCloth Go Sternum-Crazy Top, $ 35; at ModCloth

  • Cool Dog

    Esqape Oh My Bondage Choker, $ 85; at Nasty Gal

  • Ghost Cat Calling for Its Lover

    ASOS Halloween My Boo Sleep Tee, $ 30; at ASOS

  • G.I. Jane

    Forever 21  Varsity-Stripe Camo Print Skirt, $ 28; at Forever 21

  • A Sporty Mermaid

    Forever 21 Two-Toned Sequin Bomber Jacket, $ 40; at Forever 21

  • Devil And/Or Red Rabbit

    Johnny Loves Rosie Devil Ears Headband, $ 20; at ASOS

  • Bat Girl

    ModCloth Oh My Gosh Dress in Bats, $ 60; at ModCloth

  • Basic Black Cat

    Tell Tails Cat Tail, $ 25; at ASOS

  • '90s Cheetah

    Cheetah Girls Midi Dress, $ 58; at Nasty Gal

  • Sexy Skeleton

    ASOS High Neck Bodycon with Skeleton Print, $ 41; at ASOS