20 Out-of-This-World Thanksgiving Day Appetizers

I’ve written about my love for things in bowls, for finger foods, and for snacks—basically, anything that makes a meal feel more casual and relaxed seems to make it taste better, in my book. And on Thanksgiving, I’m all about grazing, that magical, hours-long, everyone-hanging-around-and-munching-while-the-turkey-cooks period. As delicious as turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes are, digging into entrées around a table isn’t quite the same slow, chill, wine-sipping experience.

On the assumption that some people also love noshing on cheese and charcuterie as much as I do, I’ve collected 20 excellent Thanksgiving Day appetizer recipes. They’re a perfect prelude to the main event—just make sure you stop before you’re too full to enjoy dinner. (I speak from experience.)


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