5 Times You Really, Seriously Need to Go to the ER

How to be prepared for an emergency

Knowing what you’ll do in an emergency is key to surviving one. Your ER plan:

Call 911: If you can’t move, you’re bleeding heavily, or you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, you need an ambulance. EMS personnel can provide lifesaving care en route and determine the best hospital for your needs.

Or (sometimes) get a ride: As long as you can walk to a car and do not have the symptoms listed above, someone—a friend, a taxi—can take you to the hospital. Don’t drive yourself; and when in doubt, call 911.

Go to the closest hospital: When transporting yourself to the ER, your priority should be to get there as quickly as possible. They’ll stabilize you and transfer you to another hospital if needed.

Make a list: “If you’re unable to respond to EMS providers’ questions, they’ll look in your wallet for info,” says Dr. McGann. “Keep a list there of meds you take along with emergency contacts.” As a backup use an app, like the Health app in iOS or ICE Standard for Android, that can store info on your lock screen.

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