6 Nutritionists Share Their Go-To Healthy Lunches for Insanely Busy Days

“Lunch is my favorite meal of the day,” said no one ever—well, no one with a hectic workweek, anyway. When noon hits and you’ve got a to-do list longer than a Real Housewives finale, finding something inspiring to eat feels like another daunting task. So we often settle for lame desk salads or the same old pre-wrapped turkey sandwich to go. (Or, let’s be real, we skip eating altogether and hope snacks show up in the break room.)

But those meh meals are sabotaging your workday: “Lunch is important because it keeps you productive through the afternoon, combats low energy and headaches, and helps you avoid hunger distractions,” says Georgie Fear, R.D. “If lunch isn’t substantial enough, it can be tempting to snack in the afternoon, which leads to more calorie intake and, often, less-nutritious choices.”

Don’t worry, though—we’re not about to suggest you bring a sauté pan to your shared office kitchen. When it comes to awesome-tasting lazy lunches that’ll leave you feeling and looking good, do as these nutrition experts do: