8 Women Share The Workout Tips That Helped Them Reach Their Weight-Loss Goals

Courtesy of Danni Mexon; Bahle ForbesWhitney Curtis; Helen Woldemichael/Graphic by Valerie Fischel, Dana Davenport

There’s endless workout advice out there, but no matter how great a tip is, that doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for your life. Finding what works for you in your fitness journey is a major part of achieving your goals, whether that’s a number on the scale, finally mastering a tough move, or anything in between.

These eight women chased down their goals by discovering the creative habits, simple tweaks, and manageable lifestyle changes that made a big difference for them. Check out their handy, honest tips below, and you just might find something that works for you, too.

1. Create a virtual support system for added motivation.

Courtesy of Carly DiBiase/Graphic by Dana Davenport

“I had this group of girls I chatted with on WhatsApp every day that really helped push me. We all haven’t been as active in that particular group chat lately, but I still keep in touch with a lot of friends I’ve made through Instagram (including those girls) on a regular basis. They are always killing their workouts and are super supportive, so all I have to do is tell them I don’t feel like working out, and they’ll remind me to get off my butt and get it done!”

—Carly DiBiase, @tiudeebs

2. Have a plan for the days when you really, really don’t feel like working out.

Courtesy of Danni Mexon/Graphic by Dana Davenport

“I find that taking a moment to look back on my progress, and a quick scroll through all the inspirational girls I follow on Instagram, gives me that extra kick of motivation to get my butt moving and start. Another tip that worked for me is to get straight into my workout gear [when I get home from work]—if you are dressed for the occasion, you are more likely to get it done!”

—Danni Mexon, @dannimex87

3. Mix up your workouts and don’t be afraid to include lower-intensity classes to balance things out.


Courtesy of Bahle Forbes/Graphic by Dana Davenport

“I do a lot of strength training that leaves my body a little stiff, so yoga is relaxing and pretty challenging.”

—Bahle Forbes, @bahleforbes 

4. Focus on something other than your weight or clothing size.

Courtesy of Kayte Hennick/Graphic by Dana Davenport

“Losing weight has taught me that I’m capable of so much more than I would have ever given myself credit for. I went from getting exhausted walking up a flight of stairs to hiking 13 miles to the top of a 14,000-foot mountain. My fiancé and I have been talking about training for a half marathon that climbs that same mountain—big things to come! My life was limited by my weight, and now I’m free to really live an active and healthy life.”

—Kayte Hennick, @kaytedoesit

5. Make working out a morning ritual.

Courtesy of Whitney Curtis/Graphic by Dana Davenport

“It’s important to find a daily routine and time to work out. I have found that early mornings before anyone in my family wakes up is the best time for me. It’s hard at first, but after it becomes a habit it makes it easier. I strive to be the best wife and mother I can, and that includes doing things for myself. So often, we completely [lose] ourselves in the wants and needs of everyone around us, but I am happier and more confident when I am taking care of myself and trying to live a healthy lifestyle!”

—Whitney Curtis, @sweat.with.whit

6. Create a calendar to keep you on track and motivated.


Courtesy of Helen Woldemichael/Graphic by Dana Davenport

“I try to do some sort of physical activity at least five times a week—sometimes it’s lifting weights and other days it’s talking on the phone and walking in my neighborhood. I have a calendar that’s dedicated to my fitness. Each day I work out or eat healthy, I cross off the day. At the end of the month I’m able to evaluate where I did well and where I could improve.”

—Helen Woldemichael, @mypatienceproject

7. Come up with a game plan for your workouts before you step foot in the gym.

Courtesy of Kristen Booth/Graphic by Dana Davenport

“Each night, I make a note in my phone of my workout for the next morning, [including] the exercises I will do. Having this game plan optimizes my gym time so that I’m not wasting time wandering around and trying to decide what to do.”

—Kristen Booth

8. Find a place to train that makes you feel comfortable.

Courtesy of Chelsea Gray/Graphic by Dana Davenport

“I don’t like the gym. It feels competitive…like I’m not fast enough or like I don’t stay on the treadmill long enough. My favorite place to work out is my house! My whole transformation was done in my living room. I use YouTube and mainly do HIIT routines and toning routines.”

—Chelsea Gray, @tiuchelseamarie_gray

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