Boil Cinnamon At Home For THIS Amazing Benefit!

It is commonly known that cinnamon is ranked among the most powerful spices on the Earth. It prevents heart diseases and inflammation, and at the same time, it fights infections and lowers blood sugar levels. And what’s even more important, it can be used instead of the toxic air fresheners.


The Dangers Of Commercial Air Fresheners

According to many experts, air fresheners are full of toxic substances that can provoke tumors and lung damage. One of them is the formaldehyde, which infiltrates easily into your body through the throat and nose. Additionally, air fresheners are also full of fumigants based on petroleum that causes kidney, liver, and blood problems and cancer as well.

Moreover, air fresheners contain phthalates that disrupt endocrine. No matter how much air fresheners producers hide it on the ingredient labels, it can be found even in the ‘natural’ air fresheners.

When you boil several cinnamon sticks, you release numerous beneficial compounds, such as eugenol and cinnamaldehyde. When you inhale both of them, they will relieve the headache pain. Its antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal characteristics will reduce the drowsiness, migraine, and irritability. Thanks to its strong and pleasant odor, cinnamon will obliterate all bacteria that can be found in the air.

All you need is 1 cup of water per cinnamon stick. Take one pot, toss the water and cinnamon sticks in it and bring them to boil. As soon as you finish boiling, you can make a tea from it.

NB: Pregnant women should reduce the exposure to cinnamon to a minimum. According to doctors, the ingredient which can be found in a cinnamon called glycyrrhizin disrupts the fetus.]

Take a look at several other natural ways to refresh your home:

1. Coffee

You will be amazed when seeing how well coffee can eliminate the bad odors in your home. You only need to put a cup of coffee beans in the places you’d like deodorized. The scent will not be strong, but it will be able to overpower the competing smells. Plus, coffee’s aroma will get your brain pumping.

2. Plants

There are many plants that can act as air fresheners. One of them is Areca Palm, which is so popular air-purifying plants and it becomes even more effective as it grows. The ‘Baby Rubber Plant’ removes airborne chemicals, including formaldehyde and releases lots of oxygen. The Boston Fern is another super option for clearing the air at your house.

3. Essential Oil& Baking Soda

Essentially, this works because of the air-cleansing power of both essential oils (such as rosemary, lemongrass, and tea tree oil) and baking soda. However, if you’re pregnant, avoid cinnamon essential oil.

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