Dherbs.com Health Tip – Play

Playing саn change уουr health :) Fοr more health tips ɡο tο http://dherbs.com/store.
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14 Comments for “Dherbs.com Health Tip – Play”

  1. jaec45

    Play is excellent for a outcome’s mental and physical development.

  2. zagbonasakiller

    I remember my recess we just went to the school yard and talked to other students,…. yeah that was exercise alright!

  3. Storbein

    when i first read dherbs i was expecting something else, but what is this vid really trying to tell me?

  4. mytube

    Fantastic video!
    Playing makes a difference in childrens health.

  5. gunniesack

    If you are a brain surgeon, Delight don’t play around at work. It may be healthy for you but not healthy for the one on the table.



  7. Berend van Wolferen

    Well About thatt i got this Email and i im checking it out and im 16 year ancient and i Live in Sweden I play the Guitar And i got Alot of Knives that I cut Wood and hunt With or FISH
    SO i dont use my Imagination As u say it I use my Reality cuss its more fun :P

  8. shoveitinyourcakehol

    like i guess? ME SO CONFUSED??

  9. Dherbs

    :) NO at all, just spreading a nice message. 

  10. jessica walser

    …. ok lol wasnt expecting tat today ……. r u saying im stout or bone idle lol jking but nice vid

  11. andig4

    Whats with the thumbs down.. Most of you have a stick up your ass?

  12. bas4116

    Why was I sent a public service advertisement?

  13. GrinnRhipper

    Does “Tic Tac Toe” counted as play?

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