Thirteen years ago, Croatian doctors told to some men  that his lung cancer was beyond treatment and to get things in order and prepare to die. It’s unclear how he came upon using local raw honey with herbs, but he did, and he fully recovered.


He’s  exact formula remains a mystery, but a woman from nearby Bosnia shared her cancer-curing honey ginger recipe. Maybe she was his first source. It seems the Eastern Europeans are open to curing disease naturally without medical authorities threatening them.

The examinations showed that he was completely cancer-free.He’s life has since blossomed with new purpose. His unexpected brush with death has showered him with many blessings. If you met him now, you might never suspect that had been a terminal cancer victim.

Today, he is brimming with energy and confidence with his honey cancer cure. In fact, he consults with people from all over the world who seek him out and are eager to learn about his medicine and how it might benefit them. He is also now a beekeeper.

He claims to have reams of documentation, enough perhaps to quell skeptics, dazzle curiosity seekers and provide solid hope to struggling cancer patients who are seeking a holistic, inexpensive, unconventional cancer cure that works.

Cancer-Curing Honey Ginger Recipe


  • 2 large organic ginger roots (chopped)
  • 2 cups organic raw honey


Put the mixture in a glass jar and consume 1 tablespoon, 3-4 times a day. You must use a wooden or plastic spoon, not a metal one.

Honey History and Science

Stone Age cave paintings indicate that honey was used for healing 8,000 years ago. The 5,000-year-old holistic traditional healing system Ayurveda (Sanskrit word meaning “science of life”) considers raw honey the “nectar of life” and classifies honey into eight different types, each having their own unique healing properties.

The research team also reported in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture that human cancer patients would probably see similar benefits as well. Of course, they recommended that honey is used in conjunction with toxic chemotherapy. They’ll never depart from the Big Pharma path completely without jeopardizing their careers.

The research team  concluded that honeybee products could be a valuable tool for controlling tumor growth: “The intake of honey-bee products may be advantageous with respect to cancer and metastasis [secondary cancers] prevention.” That secondary cancer or metastasis is often caused by chemo and radiation, by the way.

As alluded to above, another woman from Bosnia succeeded in defeating cancer as well with a mixture prepared from honey and ginger. She shared her recipe with a hope that it will help other people too.


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