All relationships go through different periods and problems to survive .Unfortunately , many couples do not succeed, and sometimes separates not know that a simple thing can help not only to maintain relationships, and also for greater rapprochement .


It is natural to ask yourself what you can do to help your marriage and relationships.
There is no such thing as a perfect marriage or relationship.And can still do our best to make almost any.

One option is to embrace each other. Hugs. It’s that simple.

Hugs are very useful for health people. That a not only maintain our relationship but also restores the smile on his face.

Hugs have been proven to get rid of those warm and fuzzy feelings, so when you and your partner share a hug, you are not just taking a moment in time to say that they are important to you, you are also helping natural.

Benefits of hugging your partner

If every day you cuddle your partner can immediately give them the benefit of increasing their levels of oxytocin. Oxytocin is responsible for how a person feels. A unilateral one embrace can reduce feelings of loneliness and anger your partner.
When embracing a few moments can lift their levels of serotonin. This can improve your moods.
Embrace between you and your partner can reduce stress and blood pressure. You can help your partner get rid of stress and your relationship becomes stronger.

When you hug your partner daily nonverbal physical contact will help you sleep better. Better sleep leads to a range of benefits for you. Reducing stress means better sleep.

Embrace every day keeps you away from the doctor. Hugs daily are important because it can keep you healthy and happy.


When you embrace there is slight pressure on the sternum, which creates an emotional charge of activating the solar plexus, stimulating the thymus gland, which takes care of the production of white blood cells the body and they keep a person free of disease and healthy.

You need to hug your spouse every day as an act of showing your love for them. Giving a hug is one of the simplest ways to show their love. Anytime, anywhere embrace a healthy reminder to your spouse why you love him so much.

It is high time to go and hug your partner and go on  to do every day so that your relationship will become stronger.

Hugging can lead to a kiss and kissing can lead to more intimate moments. Just a hug a day can improve the intimacy in your relationship. It can even lead to innovations and a better sex life.


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