Is there a secret US space program? Video claims UFO ROCKET snapped in Apollo 11 image

Conspiracy theorists say the previously unseen UFO could be proof the US government is involved in secretive space missions that the public are never told about.

Famously some claim no man has ever landed on the moon.

Others say we keep on going there, but it is all kept secret and hidden from view.

Conspiracy theorists who believe the US government is involved in a secret or black space program hold conferences each year onthe subject and claim billions of dollars of the annual budget each year cannot be accounted for because they are diverted into so-called black projects.

The array of work that NASA is involved in and makes publicly available is just the tip of a very big ice berg, they claim, and there is much more going on in space we cannot know about, including, of course, contact with aliens.

A new video posted to YouTube by channel Paranormal Crucible has brought the debate back to the forefront of UFO websites.

In a promotional blurb for the video, the channel wrote: “Bizarre image from the Apollo archives which appears to show a missile type UFO cruising across the moon.

“Could NASA be bombing alien installations on the lunar surface, possibly using high tech ships from the secret space program.

“Very odd object, not convinced it is an alien craft, more likely something we launched, but at who and why?”

The video prompted an intense online debate, with further conspiracy theories, including the moon being hollow, being introduced.

One YouTube user called Silver Foxposted: “If you follow the trajectory of the rocket to the middle of the picture and take a left to the white crater, within a crater, you will notice what looks like a V-shaped landing platform, and an entrance into the moon.”

Another, called idrive, claimed: “There have always been co-facilities run by aliens and US secret government on the moon and Mars.”

And E I N S said: “It’s a freaking highway in space right next to us and NASA is pretending to look for aliens 30,000 light years away.”

UFO blogger Scott C Waring continued the debate.

He wrote: “This UFO was leaving the crater of Earth’s moon, just as the Apollo 11 module was passing over it taking photos.

“You can see a trail behind it, probably debris from the moons surface trailing the craft.”

But not everyone was convinced by the image.

User Young Rookwrote: “Fire doesn’t burn in space dumb ass. There’s no f***ing air.”

Sceptics claim there is no evidence for any secret space program, other than regurgitated accounts from so-called whistleblowers.

Ian Chadwick, who debunks conspiracy theories and pseudoscience on his website, blogged about the secret space program “hoax”: He said: ”It seems to be harder and harder to get people to think, to use their critical facilities and to analyse content instead of swallowing it whole.

“Some people would rather believe the patently absurd, even when it defies all logic and common sense, instead of the more mundane truth.

“And it seems increasingly difficult to convince people that those behind this codswallop are just con artists out to scam money from the gullible.”

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