It’s not just what you eat, it’s how you cook it: Nine kitchen techniques to aid weight loss

There’s an endless stream of information detailing which foods to eat – and not eat – if you want to lose weight, but just as important as knowing what to eat is knowing how to cook.
Chunky vegetables
Bigger cuts of vegetables have less surface area to pick up oil.

We all know that certain cooking techniques – like boiling – can eliminate important vitamins and minerals from our food, but some techniques can also actually add calories to dishes.

For example, on its own, eggplant is a fiber-rich and low-calorie food, but when it is sautéed or fried, it absorbs oil like a sponge.

Potatoes also fall victim to unhealthy cooking techniques; roasted potatoes are a filling accompaniment to any meal, but mashed potatoes add in usually generous amounts of milk and butter, and often have their fiber-rich peels removed, making you more likely to go in for another helping.

It’s not just what you eat, it’s how you cook it: nine kitchen techniques to aid weight loss.

There are, however, cooking methods that preserve the nutrient content of food, speed up cooking time, and also avoid adding calories.

These healthy kitchen techniques can help you to lose poundage and manage your weight, without robbing you of flavorful, satisfying food.

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