Kylie Jenner Debuts Rose Gold Hair on Instagram, Looks Insanely Gorgeous

If a young Brigitte Bardot lived in Los Angeles circa now, she too might rock her platinum blonde hair with a touch of rose gold, as Kylie Jenner did today on Instagram. Kylie is emitting serious Bardot vibes with her full lips, smoky eyes, and freckles. In fact, we’re starting to wonder if Kylie is secretly emulating Bardot (while not-so-secretly emulating big sis Kim Kardashian too, of course).

We’re about 99.99999 percent sure that this is a wig, but that doesn’t hinder us from admiring Kylie’s new look in a very real way. Interest in rose gold hair has, uh, faded of late, with the fickle fashion world all embracing it at once only to let it fall by the wayside of late, but if anyone could bring it back with a vengeance, it’s Kylie. At one point early this year, one couldn’t really walk a few blocks in trendy parts of NYC six months ago without spotting a rose-gold girl wandering around; nowadays, rose-gold hair sightings are pretty rare.

Kylie could singlehandedly change all that, wig notwithstanding. We wouldn’t be surprised if rose gold started clogging our Instagram feeds once again—especially since Kylie seems to be hell-bent on showing off the trend again (and again, and again) on Instagram. “Rose Gold,” she captioned her first pic, in case anyone needed it spelled out.

Looks like Kylie has decided that the Kardashian moratorium on social media after Kim’s brutal attack at gunpoint in Paris is officially over, since she’s posted three shots of herself on IG in the past couple of hours. Or maybe she’s just trying to outshine Kim, who stepped out in public today for the first time after going into hiding in NYC after the traumatic experience in Paris. If there’s anything Kylie hates more than a social media starvation diet, it’s being upstaged by her older sister.