Kylie Jenner Posts on Instagram for the First Time Since Kim K’s Paris Attack

In the world of the Kardashians, photographs of one’s derriere are as de rigueur on Instagram as, say, pics of matcha lattes are for the rest of the world, so it makes perfect sense that Kylie Jenner chose to break the family silence after Kim Kardashian‘s brutal Paris attack with … a shot of her butt. “Looking back at Turks,” Kylie wrote this afternoon, alongside an image of herself in a bright red thong swimsuit.

That said, we were expecting something a bit more dramatic. While you try to keep up with them, the Kardashians like to stick together, and when something happens to one of them, they all often chime in about it. We figured the silence meant that the whole fam was camped out in a couple of war rooms (half the fam is in NYC while the other half is in L.A. right now), plotting their next move with a gaggle of PR specialists and a handful of lawyers.

But if a booty pic is the best they could come up with, that may mean the family wants to avoid the issue completely on social media, at least for now.

The silence in the greater Kardashian social media conglomerate since Kim’s attack has been almost eerie. Kendall Jenner: silent. Kris Jenner: silent. Kourtney Kardashian: silent. Khloé Kardashian: silent. And, of course, Kim herself: very silent. Usually, across all of the possible verticals—IG, Snapchat, Twitter, and various apps and websites—one can usually expect a post from at least one member of the gang every hour or so. But it’s been tumbleweeds since late Sunday night.

With one notable exception, we might add: Caitlyn Jenner. For some reason, she decided to Instapost a photo of herself with Kylie yesterday, adding, “Had so much fun with Kylie at Sunday’s car show. Here we are with my friend Jeff Dunham’s original #Batmobile.” Did someone forget to call Caitlyn and let her know that the family wasn’t posting anything until further notice? Perhaps they just assumed she’d hold off, because, you know, tact.

After Caitlyn was slammed on IG for her upbeat tone, she posted a followup just after Kylie’s social media fast-breaking shot. “Love my girl!” she wrote. “After hearing the full story, I’m so thankful she’s okay. It’s a reminder for us all to be careful in the uncertainty of this world.” It sounds as though she’s trying to insinuate that she didn’t know all about Kim’s attack when she posted to IG yesterday, but since pretty much everyone knows about Kim’s attack, we call bull on that one.