Let them eat beef: Effects of lean beef consumption on markers of metabolic syndrome

An article published in Functional Foods in Health & Disease examines the influence of a diet comprised of 30% protein with one-half of the protein sourced from lean, red meat on the status of metabolic syndrome in humans.

The study tested the Beef-Intervention Lean Beef Pattern, as well as the DASH-Control dietary pattern. Results were obtained using a three-day diet journal to assess calorie and macronutrient consumption prior to and after the study was conducted. Both groups exhibited a decreased BW and HgAlc from start to finish; and both groups reported a higher level of diet satisfaction, general health, and total increases in physical activity.

The study concluded that the effect of the Beef-Intervention program was similar to that of the DASH-Control diet, which indicated a positive effect on metabolic syndrome overall.

Article: Vegetable derived antioxidant and vitamin D: effects onoxidative stress and bonemineralmetabolism of agedpatients with renal disease, Francesco Carluccio,Macello Lenucci, Gabriella Piro, Werner Siems, Josè Luño, Functional Foods in Health & Disease, published online 29 June 2016.

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