People Who Live in THIS State Are the Most Likely to Get Divorced

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For the study, researchers collected data from U.S. agencies, like the Census Bureau, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to find metrics on income growth, depression, sleep, obesity, participation in sports and volunteering, long-term unemployment, and marital status among others to calculate which states were the happiest (and unhappiest) overall.

The data revealed that Washington D.C. had the highest divorce rates in the country, followed by Nevada, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

And these states have other serious issues, too. Mississippi was ranked the least-safe state to live, Louisiana (which was among the top five unhappiest states) had the lowest levels of volunteerism, Florida and Nevada had some of the lowest rates of income growth, and D.C. had some of the longest working hours and worst long-term unemployment rates in the nation. Ouch.

Though it’s hard to say if there’s any connection between these problems and divorce rates, it’s easy to see how working crazy hours or supporting an unemployed partner could be tough.

On the flipside, Utah had the had the lowest divorce rate, just ahead of North Dakota, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Hawaii. And if you ask us, that’s a great excuse to pick up and move to Maui.


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