REAL FLYING SAUCER: Classic 1950s B movie disc-shaped UFO caught on film

The UFO was photographed over the Dominican Republic by a shocked photographer who only saw the familiar shape when reviewing pictures.

The unnamed photographer, who caught the image last month, has sent it to experts at the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for further analysis.

MUFON, based in the US, is the world’s largest organisation dedicated to UFO investigation.

The sighting happened at Azua de Compostela at dawn on September 19.

The unnamed witness said in a report to MUFON: “I was taking photos of the sunrise, and I didn’t know there was something rare in one.”

MUFON is investigating the case.

The images ha sheen picked up by other UFO chasers.

Scott C Waring blogged on about the classic saucer-shaped object.

He wrote: “Sunset and sunrise are the most opportune times to catch a UFO.

“You watch and record 20 sunsets or sunrises, and I promise you that you will catch a UFO.”

Sceptics and scientists explain why alleged UFO soften appear in pictures taken directly at the sun, because of lens flares.

This is when light refracts inside the lens and then an anomaly image appears on the external image, even though nothing was there.

This also explains why people say they never saw anything at the time, but the “UFO” was in the picture.

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