Record-Breaking: Kim Kardashian Took 6K Selfies in 4 Days

We heard somewhere that Kim Kardashian likes to take photographs of herself. Turns out that the word on the street is, in fact, correct: In four days, Ms. Kardashian managed to take some 6,000 selfies while on vacation in Mexico recently. Six. Thousand. The number six, with three zeros after it. Six-zero-zero-zero. Holy.

OK, maybe we already knew that she had a bit of a selfie problem. But we didn’t know the addition had gotten this dire. Kim! If you need help, there are 800-numbers out there for this kind of issue! Or, actually, there are not. But perhaps there really should be. Step away from the phone, Kim!

To really rub in the concept, Kimmy posted no less than four “happy birthday” Instagrams for her assistant Stephanie Sheppard today, which were all basically photographs celebrating herself, rather than Steph’s b-day. Kardashian has a tendency to do this, and apparently she knows it—though she may be self-obsessed, we’ve noticed that girlfriend is also quite self-aware. (If you ask us, the whole thing is some kind of bizarre performance art gone rogue, but that’s another story.)

Sheppard’s pitch-perfect response:

At least we can all have a little fun with all this. Happy almost-Friday, y’all!


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