Suzannah Galland: Get Out of Your Head and Trust Your Gut

 Your body is talking – are you listening?

The whole of our body, including your brain, is intuitive. As children, we learn to recognize this fact and use it. Children do not need to analyze their bodies, because they do not have the capacity to comprehend or interpret it- they just naturally accept it.

Our bodies are designed with individual sensors to tell us what it likes, what it wants, when it’s comfortable and, is fully equipped to move you to where you want to go.

Your skin is a great receptor. It can give you a tremendous amount of information. There’s a reason the hair on the back of your neck sticks up or your arms become riddled with goose bumps when we find ourselves in an unsettling or potentially dangerous situation. Your body is screaming out that something is sorely wrong.

Then nerve endings fire, and chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol flood your bloodstream. Blood is shuttled away from your digestive tract and is pushed to your muscles and limbs. Our gut instinct – our intuition – kicks in and provides the extra energy we need to get out of a bad situation.

On the other hand, let’s say you create a measurable goal: Choose something you really want. Your brain will signal to your body the most efficient way for you to explore. Your body will instinctually move you in the right direction, working with you and knowingly help you reach out. All of this, without a conscious thought on your part beyond defining the goal.

When you face a challenge, you may find yourself having little or no control on how your body reacts to it. Your conscious mind may say, “I don’t want this, this is not what I was looking for,” because you’re viewing it from an impulsively reactive way. Meanwhile, your intuitive body is trying to understand what has been thrown in front of you. In this situation, take a moment to PAUSE, breathe and allow your body to give you the right signal on how to move forward.

If you find yourself reacting too sharply, instead of taking the time to understand what is in front of you, you will have little or no chance of knowing what path will work best for you. When the unexpected shows up, our natural tendency isn’t to trust it – keep an open mind to any idea that comes to you.

Now, what if a given experience doesn’t give you the results that you want? You’ll say, “Well, I don’t want to pursue this anymore. I’ll try something else.” So your intuitive body will figure out another way for you to get a new experience. It will follow your direction with little to no conscious decision making.

For example, a child walks into a toy store with his mother and demands: “I want that toy! That’s the only toy I want. I’ve got to have it!”

And finally the mother breaks down and says, “All right, that’s it, here’s your toy.'”

They buy the toy, take it home, and a week later… “I haven’t got anything to play with.”

What about the toy from last week? “I’m tired of that,” says the child.

That is the way we experience life; your feelings about some things aren’t meant to last forever.

While intuitive reactions aren’t always very clear cut, the body never lies and there are many ways to detect subtler signals from your body. The more conscious, present, and aware you become, the easier it will be to follow your intuitive body, because consciousness works with awareness.

“It is only by grounding our awareness in the living sensation of our bodies that the ‘I Am,’ our real presence, can awaken.” – G.I. Gurdjieff


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