The Exact Moves That Helped Me Lose More than 80 Pounds

I started the New Year by cooking more for myself. I knew that was something I needed to do to lose weight, but now I was actually doing it. I was never a fan of veggies, but I started sautéing kale, roasting other veggies, and making my own chicken by cooking it in olive oil.

I also made an effort to eat salads for lunch. If I didn’t have time to cook, I bought a Luvo frozen meal, which is low in salt and high in protein, or picked up a salad. Another thing that’s worked for me is eating slower. I really had to train myself to slow down so my body could register when I was full.

Becoming more mindful about what I was eating was huge for my weight loss, too. I didn’t let eating one unhealthy meal keep me from eating right at the next. Instead of thinking, “Well, my day is blown. I’ll just eat whatever,” I made an effort not to buy junk food the rest of the day.

At my office, we get a ton of food sent to us. So if I eat something like a giant cookie, I’ll eat part of it, enjoy it, and then stop eating. I know I don’t need the whole thing.

I eat a lot of fruit as snacks, especially in the summer. Raw nuts, Trader Joe’s trail mix, Greek yogurt, and a cheese stick also help take the edge off between meals.