The Gucci Pieces You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere Next Season

Take even a cursory scan through the street-style photos coming out of Fashion Month this season and you’ll notice one brand dominating the streets. Gucci fever is rampant in fashion right now, all the way from the furry footwear pounding the pavement to the embellished chain-strap handbags draped over everyone’s arms.

It seems that everything Alessandro Michele touches these days turns to gold (perhaps it’s no coincidence that it’s one of his favorite colors)—and from the looks of today’s Spring 2017 show in Milan, the same will be true next season.

A few of the looks are sure to inspire copycats (*cough* Zara), including a Western-style studded denim suit, platform velvet smoking slippers, and an embroidered silk baseball-jersey-esque top. Gucci’s take on track pants—another street-style trend du jour—makes a good argument for upgrading your Adidas pair, while a lilac gown with tiers of gold sunbursts is a shoo-in for magazine-cover domination. And if we don’t see Anna Dello Russo swanning around in that persimmon-colored pouf of a coat come March, well, we’re not sure what we’ll do with ourselves.

Of course, we’d be remiss not to talk about the accessories: bags featured chinoiserie florals and twisted silk cord straps, chunky fox-head rings and bejeweled cuffs were layered over lace gloves, and eyewear was big, bold, and bedazzled. Some of our favorites were the literal statement pieces: bags painted or embroidered with phrases like “MODERN FUTURE,” and hand-pieces reading “LOVED” (a sentiment that also made it onto the hem of a pair of pants). Michele might also be the only one who could make a belt with “CEMETERY” in blood-red lettering seem like an appealing addition to an evening gown.

In the gallery, see a highlight reel of the best pieces from today’s runway show (or, in other words, a shopping list for what you’re going to want to wear next season).


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