The Thássia Naves Guide to Style

In the deluge of street style photos that hits the internet during Fashion Week, it’s hard for any one showgoer to stand out, but Brazilian blogger and Instagram star Thássia Naves consistently knocks it out of the park.

Rather than stick to any one formula, she moves seamlessly from ultra-feminine ruffles and sky-high heels to ripped jeans and concert tees, managing to give each outfit a signature touch of polish. If you’re one of the 2.5 million who follow her adventures on Instagram, you already know she has a taste for the luxe (why yes, that quilted Chanel is bigger than your gym bag), but like anyone with real personal style, it’s less about what she wears than how she wears it. We may not be adding a jacquard Prada pencil skirt to our wardrobe anytime soon, for instance, but we can certainly crib her idea of pairing something similar with a white button-down, slim gold choker, and lace-up boots.

We caught up with the entrepreneur at the tail end of her fashion tour to talk about all things style. Read on to get to know her, and click through the gallery below to see some of her most show-stopping looks.

How did you first get interested in fashion?
During my childhood I got a taste for clothes when I played dress up, and my grandparents made stunning dresses and garments, which meant I was always surrounded by beautiful fabrics.

If we opened your closet today, what would we see a ton of?
I’m completely obsessed with accessories—shoes, bags, and chokers are my favorites. They’re easy to mix and match and can make a look super cool, posh, and polished.

What are you most excited to wear this fall?
T-shirts with dresses—I love wearing this combination.

What was the last thing you bought?
I bought three pairs of Gucci shoes during Milan Fashion Week.

What blogs and Instagram accounts do you follow religiously?
I follow a range of different people on Instagram. Some of my favorites are @tommyton, @kyliejenner, and @voguemagazine.

How do you start most days?
If I’m at home I try to go to the gym in the morning, it puts me in the right frame of mind for the day ahead. But if I’m away working I start my day with an amazing breakfast followed by hair and make up.

Who are some under-the-radar fashion brands you’re loving these days?
I’m totally loving Zuhair Murad at the moment.

What’s your signature scent?
Chanel No. 5.

If money weren’t an object, what would you buy right now?
I’d like to buy a teleportation machine, if there were one, so I could go everywhere quickly and come back home.

What app or apps do you rely on to edit your photos?
As I’m always with my photographer, I don’t use any.

What do you do to unwind after Fashion Month?
Spend some days with my family, rest, and get on top of my workload.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Brazil?
Being around my family and the beautiful weather.

Who, in your opinion, has truly great style?
This is such a hard question, there are so many beautiful and stylish women out there, but I do have to admit that Caroline Issa is number one.