This Is How to Sculpt Your Abs and Legs in Just Two Minutes

This fun routine utilizes one of the most underrated movements in the gym: the loaded carry. It might not look like much, but it’s a favorite of many top strength coaches for its dynamic list of benefits. It improves grip strength—which may not sound all that important, but is crucial for being able to lift heavier weights in a range of exercises, as well as mastering moves like chinups and pullups. But more than that, loaded carries are a functional, low-risk exercise that gets everything working: your shoulders, core, and legs. After a few weeks, you’ll notice other weighted exercises feel easier, and you’ll build more steady cross-strength and balance. The list goes on and on.

Combined with the two other exercises—cardio-boosting, glute-activating skier swings and lower-body sculpting reverse lunges—your arms and legs will be shaking at the end of this set. You can do this one of two ways: You can select a weight and use it throughout the entire circuit; or for more of a challenge, you can grab two to three pairs of dumbbells—one very heavy, one pretty heavy, and one not so heavy. (For me, that might be something like a pair of 50s, a pair of 35s, and a pair of 10 or 15s. Play around with using different weights to get a feel for what will challenge you without compromising your form.)