This ‘OITNB’ Star’s Red Carpet Outfit Is All About Saying ‘Eff You’ to Insecurities

Dascha’s bold outfit choice was about more than just making a statement to the rest of us about embracing beautiful bodies of all shapes and sizes—it was also a way for her to take on her own insecurities. “[My stylist] Darius Baptist thought that I should wear a bodysuit and just show my thighs, since I’m so self-conscious about them,” she told Vanity Fair. “But f*ck it, this is me, this is who I am, this is real. I was made this way.” Total badass move.

This isn’t the actress’ first time taking on body-image conventions. Dascha has previously spoken out about her frustrations with designers not dressing women her size. “I understand that it’s business, but still, it’s like, really?” she told Vogue in August. “My industry friends, who are clear and honest with me say, ‘Girl, they don’t have your size, and you’re not at that level yet, so you have to either move that way or just build those relationships so that later in the future maybe it happens.’”

If her thigh-baring look isn’t a big “eff that,” we don’t know what is. All hail Dascha, queen of embracing your body.


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